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T-001 Thimble Unknown Discontinued T-002 Angel's Coin Unknown Discontinued T-003 Diminishing Card Unknown Discontinued T-004 Die Vision Unknown Discontinued T-005 Arabian Card Unknown Discontinued T-006 In the News Unknown Available T-007 An Gra Unknown Discontinued T-008 Trio Cigarette Unknown Available T-009 Funny Dog Unknown Discontinued T-010 Silk from Hanky Unknown Available T-011 Color Change Flower Unknown Discontinued T-012 Coin Fan Unknown Discontinued T-013 Kings and Aces Unknown Discontinued T-014 Chameleon Silk Unknown Available T-015 Cups and Balls Unknown Discontinued T-016 Mystic Ruby Hideo KatoDiscontinued T-017 Coin Through Match Unknown Discontinued T-018 Million Flower Unknown Available T-019 Match and Flower Unknown Discontinued T-020 Cubio Unknown Available T-021 Dyeing Paper Unknown Discontinued T-022 Time Capsule Unknown Available T-023 Rainbow Silks Unknown Discontinued T-024 Crystal Tube Unknown Available T-025 Silk Serenade Pavel Available T-026 Glass Board Unknown Discontinued T-027 Chinese Sticks Unknown Available T-028 What's Next? Unknown Available T-029 Color Changing Silks Unknown Available T-030 Twin Flower Unknown Discontinued T-031 Milk Tumbler Unknown Available T-032 Sutekina Trick Unknown Discontinued T-033 Coin and Glass Unknown Discontinued T-034 Against Gravity Unknown Discontinued T-035 Water Suspension Unknown Available T-036 Billiard Balls Unknown Discontinued T-037 Penetro Coin Unknown Discontinued T-038 Crystal Box Hideo Kato 1969 Discontinued T-039 Crazy Spots Unknown 1969 Available T-040 Card Case Unknown Available T-041 Fanning Card Unknown Discontinued T-042 Astro Tube Unknown 1972 Discontinued T-043 Invisible Man Unknown 1972 Discontinued T-044 Magic Coaster Unknown 1972 Discontinued T-045 Break-away Fan Unknown 1972 Discontinued T-046 Little Saving Box Unknown 1972 Discontinued T-047 Astro Coin Unknown Discontinued T-048 Coin Case Unknown Discontinued T-061 I'm A Magician Masao Atsukawa 1972 Discontinued T-062 Fantastic Hiroshi Sawa 1972 Discontinued T-064 Melting Loop Hideo Kato Discontinued T-065 Magic Tube Unknown Discontinued T-066 Occult Board Unknown 1977 Discontinued T-067 Color Fantasy Pavel 1974 Discontinued T-068 Silk to Egg Unknown Available T-069 Dynamic Coins Hiroshi Kondo/Shigeru Sugawara 1975 Available T-070 Chinese Linking Rings Unknown 1975 Discontinued T-071 Rope to Silk Shigeru Sugawara 1975 Available T-072 Flash Dice Takuya Yoshizawa 1976 Available T-073 Coin in Nest (Super) Takuya Yoshizawa 1976 Available T-074 Phanto Block (Super) Takuya Yoshizawa 1976 Discontinued T-075 Rabbit in Wallet Hiroshi Kondo 1976 Discontinued T-076 Water Mystery Shigeru Sugawara 1976 Discontinued T-077 See Through Card Shigeru Sugawara 1976 Discontinued T-078 Sponge Rabbit (Super) Unknown 1976 Available T-079 Vase A La India (Super) Unknown 1976 Discontinued T-080 Sponge Ball - 1.1/2" (Super) Unknown 1976 Available T-081 Space Walking Coins Takuya Yoshizawa/Shigeru Sugawara 1976 Discontinued T-082 Spinning Plate on the Rope Takeshi Hori 1976 Discontinued T-083 Sponge Ball - 2.3/4" (Super) Unknown 1976 Available T-084 Card Frame Shigeru Sugawara 1977 Discontinued T-085 See Through Guillotine Shigeru Sugawara 1977 Discontinued T-086 Ultra Tube Shigeru Sugawara 1977 Discontinued T-087 Squeeze Play Shigeru Sugawara 1977 Available T-088 Unknown Unknown T-089 Spring Flowers Unknown Available T-090 Elevator Coins Hideo Kato 1978 Discontinued T-091 Floating Lady Hiroshi Kondo 1978 Discontinued T-092 Pendant Shigeru Sugawara 1978 Discontinued T-093 Card Changer Shigeru Sugawara 1978 Discontinued T-094 Nightmare in Color Hiroshi Kondo 1978 Discontinued T-095 Mr. Rabbit Unknown 1978 Available T-096 Wandering Hole, The Hideo Kato 1979 Discontinued T-097 Superstick Hideo Kato 1979 Discontinued T-098 Sandwich Platter, The Hiroshi Kondo 1979 Discontinued T-099 Mystery of the High Hat Shigeru Sugawara 1979 Discontinued T-100 Two into One Rope Unknown 1979 Discontinued T-101 Hungarian Linking Ropes Peter Gloviczki 1979 Available T-102 Lucifer's Lock Shigeru Sugawara 1980 Discontinued T-103 Frame of Destruction, The Shigeru Sugawara 1980 Discontinued T-104 Black Hole Shigeru Sugawara 1980 Discontinued T-105 Tunnel of Darkness Shigeru Sugawara 1980 Discontinued T-106 Ribbon Forever Keiji Takahashi 1981 Discontinued T-107 Crossroads Keiji Takahashi 1981 Discontinued T-108 Soft Coins Keiji Takahashi 1981 Available T-109 Midas Machine, The Hiroshi Kondo 1981 Discontinued T-110 Zig Zag Cig Hiroshi Kondo 1981 Available T-111 Supercubio Unknown 1981 Discontinued T-112 Eclipse Hiroshi Kondo 1982 Available T-113 Quicksilver Hiroshi Kondo 1982 Discontinued T-114 Wonder Window Shigeru Sugawara 1982 Discontinued T-115 Ultraslice Hideo Kato 1982 Discontinued T-116 Infinitum Hideo Kato 1984 Available T-117 Alpha Tunnel, The Shigeru Sugawara 1984 Discontinued T-118 Sidetrack Hiroshi Kondo 1984 Discontinued T-119 Thunderstaff Hiroshi Kondo 1985 Discontinued T-120 Telestar Hiroshi Kondo 1985 Discontinued T-121 Golden Fleece, The Hideo Kato 1985 Discontinued T-122 Excalibur Shigeru Sugawara 1985 Discontinued T-123 Billscape Hiroshi Kondo 1986 Discontinued T-124 Mirror-Mate Hideo Kato 1986 Discontinued T-125 Ghost Writer Unknown 1986 Discontinued T-126 Match-Sticks Hideo Kato 1986 Discontinued T-127 Telesphere Hiroshi Kondo 1986 Available T-128 Paradox Shigeru Sugawara 1986 Discontinued T-129 Mirage Shigeru Sugawara 1987 Discontinued T-130 Tricky Business Hiroshi Kondo 1987 Discontinued T-131 Moons of Jupiter, The Hideo Kato 1987 Discontinued T-132 Ninja Experiment Shigeru Sugawara 1987 Discontinued T-133 Bare Bones Hiroshi Kondo 1987 Available T-134 Vault-Vision Hiroshi Kondo 1988 Available T-135 Space Towers Shigeru Sugawara 1988 Available T-136 Geometrick Hideo Kato 1988 Discontinued T-137 Bolted Atsushi Fukano 1988 Available T-138 Devil's Disk Atsushi Fukano 1988 Discontinued T-139 Knife of the Ninja Atsushi Fukano 1989 Available T-140 Superspike Masato Wakabayashi 1989 Discontinued T-141 Mini-Zag Shigeru Sugawara 1989 Discontinued T-142 Lancelot Hiroshi Kondo 1989 Discontinued T-143 Hyper Vision Tomoyuki Shimomura 1989 Discontinued T-144 ArCane Hideo Kato 1989 Available T-145 Moon Spinner Tomoyuki Shimomura 1990 Available T-146 Clean Cut Hiroshi Kondo 1990 Available T-147 Silver Express Keiji Takahashi 1990 Discontinued T-148 Mira-Metal Atsushi Fukano 1990 Available T-149 Dragon Altar Hiroshi Kondo 1991 Available T-150 Coin of Dracula Keiji Takahashi 1991 Discontinued T-151 Wild Wallet Tomoyuki Shimomura 1991 Discontinued T-152 Nostradamus Clock, The Tomoyuki Shimomura 1991 Discontinued T-153 Diabolicus Hiroshi Kondo 1991 Available T-154 Mindscanner Hideo Kato 1991 Discontinued T-155 Crystal Cleaver Toru Suzuki 1992 Available T-156 Haunting, The Tomoyuki Shimomura 1992 Available T-157 Transpa Vision Toru Suzuki 1992 Available T-158 Menta Marvel Yutaka Sato 1992 Available T-159 Pencilia Shigeru Sugawara 1993 Available T-160 Fantastica Michiaki Kishimoto 1993 Available T-161 Parabox Lubor Fiedler/Toru Suzuki 1993 Avavilable T-162 Credit Slasher Toru Suzuki 1993 Available T-163 Burglar-Ball Shigeru Sugawara 1994 Available T-164 Metal Matrimony Hiroshi Kondo 1994 Available T-165 Crystal Pyramid Tomoyuki Shimomura 1994 Available T-166 Oh No! Toru Suzuki 1994 Available T-167 Future Clock Toru Suzuki/Kuniyasu Fujiwara 1994 Available T-168 Floral Fantasy Yusaku Chida 1994 Available T-169 Zone Infinity Atsushi Fukano 1995 Available T-170 Pillars of Thor, The Hiroshi Kondo 1995 Available T-171 Merlin's Coffer Shigeru Sugawara 1995 Available T-172 Invisible Zone Lubor Fiedler 1995 Available T-173 Eye of the Idol Tomoyuki Shimomura 1995 Available T-174 Clyde - Magic Rabbit Toru Suzuki 1995 Discontinued T-175 Unusual Suspects, The Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996 Available T-176 Hankie Penetration Toru Suzuki 1996 Available T-177 Phantoma Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996 Available T-178 Krazy Keys Lubor Fiedler 1996 Available T-179 Trisector Toru Suzuki 1996 Available T-180 Enchanted Strings Jeff Sheridan 1997 Available T-181 Bird Watcher Tomoyuki Shimomura 1997 Available T-182 Funnel Vision Toru Suzuki 1997 Available T-183 Impossible Pen Lubor Fiedler 1997 Available T-184 Pop-Up-Card Tomoyuki Shimomura 1998 Available T-185 Puzzling Queen Toru Suzuki 1998 Available T-186 Antigravity Rock Lubor Fiedler 1998 Available T-187 Mini-Morphosis Angelo Carbone 1998 Available T-188 Lucky Rabbit Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999 Available T-189 Money Shredder Shigeru Sugawara 1999 Available T-190 Bio Shock Kenichi Komiya 1999 Available T-191 Cutting Edge, The Toru Suzuki 1999 Available T-192 Wild Wallet (Real Leather) Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999 Available T-193 Magic Painting Toru Suzuki 1999 Available T-194 Mind Spinner Michael Sibbernsen 1999 Available T-195 Grand Derby Prediction Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999 Available T-196 Money Cutter Shigeru Sugawara 2000 Available T-197 X-Ray File Toru Suzuki 2000 Available T-198 Blue Crystal Lubor Fiedler 2000 Available T-199 Dynamite Tube Tomoyuki Shimomura 2000 Available T-200 UNDERCOVER CUBE Petrick & Mia 2001 T-201 MYSTERY CHINA BOX Tomoyuki Shimomura 2001 T-202 PRISON BOX Angelo Carbone 2001 T-203 SALT CUPS Toru Suzuki 2001 T-204 ESCAPE KING Takayuki Kumazawa 2002 T-205 CONFINED CUBES Shigeru Sugawara 2002 T-206 SUN & MOON TUBES Toru Suzuki 2002 T-207 MAGICIAN'S FINGER Tomoyuki Shimomura 2002 T-208 MONEY SPLASH Shigeru Sugawara 2003 T-209 GHOST PET Tomoyuki Shimomura 2003 T-210 MOBILE ILLUSION Hiroshi Kondo 2003 T-211 FADEAWAY CASE Toru Suzuki 2003 T-212 BALLERINA HANK Steve Dusheck 2003 T-213 ANIMATION CARD Dan Harlan 2003 T-214 ULTIMATE SHOCKING PEN Doug Edwards 2003 T-215 Magicians Matchbox by Tomoyuki Shimomura 2004 T-216 Mystery Poodle by Gee Mahabia 2004 T-217 Super Sponge Balls 2004 T-218 The Rising Cards by Harry Devano 2004 T-219 Image Generator by So Sato 2004 Disontinued T-220 Crash Dice by Hiroshi Sawa 2005 T-221 Mystery Triangle by Shigeru Sugawara 2005 T-222 Fortune Sticks by Toru Suzuki 2005 T-223 Origami Tube by Toru Suzuki 2005 T-224 Credit Surprise by Toru Suzuki 2006 T-225 Mystic Blackboard by Takayuki Kumazawa 2006 T-226 President's Cabinet by Shigeru Sugawara 2006 T-227 New Koornwinder Kar by Dick Koornwinder 2006 T-228 4-Dimentional Trunk by J. C. Doty 2006 T-229 Ultimate Spoon Bend by Shigeru Sugawara 2007 T-230 Mystic Scope by Tomoyuki Shimomura 2007 T-231 Fortune Donut by Shigeru Sugawara 2007 T-231 Balloon Illusiong by Kenichi Komiya 2007 TC- 01 Paddle Parade Collection Unknown 1985 Discontinued TC- 02 Die-abolical Box, The Hiroshi Kondo 1987 Discontinued TC- 03 Gorilla Bar, The Shigeru Sugawara 1987 Available TM- 01 Art Bank Shigeru Sugawara Available TM- 02 Micro Magic Bank Toru Suzuki Available TM- 03 Dracula Bank Mark Setteducati 1993 Available TM- 04 Disneyland Magic Bank Unknown Available TM- 05 Phantom Clock Lubor Fiedler 1999 Available

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